About Us

Welcome to MNMTwinsKitchen.

I’m Mary and I’m the eldest twin by four minutes. Together with my younger sister Molly, we have created this website to share our love of cooking with you. Cooking can be easy and it’s even more fun when you do it together.

Our Mom, Nancy (the N in MNM), first invited us to join her in the kitchen when we were seven years old. We spent more hours than I can count trying new recipes and just having fun experimenting with food together.
Mom was born in a city. However, she spent her summers on her grandparents’ farm. Growing up, she had watched her mother and grandmother make many delicious baked treats. At 11, she decided to make her first cherry dumplings. While her grandparents were supportive of her, they had doubts that she would succeed. Mom was determined. She carried the heavy ladder to the cherry tree and climbed that tree to pick the cherries she needed. She made her own dough and proved to everyone that she too was a baker. It was less than a year later that Mom had pretty much become the family baker. 150 friends and family were coming to her family’s farewell party. They were leaving the Ukraine and coming to America. Mom provided all of the decadent cakes and desserts that were served at the party.
Our first independent adventure in the kitchen was a little less successful. We had what our family laughingly refers to as the “gingerbread incident”. We wanted to make our parents some gingerbread cookies. The recipe is one of our family favorites and we just wanted to do something special for our parents. Mom was taking a nap, so it was just us, alone, in the kitchen. How hard could it be? We had baked with Mom tons of times.

We were rolling out the dough and realized that something wasn’t quite right. It wouldn’t roll and the texture wasn’t like any of the cookies we had made before. Turns out the ‘flour’ we were using was actually powdered sugar. Oops. We quickly made a new batch with the right ingredients and even salvaged the first batch. We almost got away with it too.
Sadly, Mom knew we were hiding something (she always knows). A double batch of cookies; half of which that were curiously extra sweet, was her first clue. Then she discovered half a bag of powdered sugar was missing. We were caught. But, those cookies were so yummy and thankfully, powdered sugar is relatively cheap. Mom and Dad are both cooks and we still laugh about the oh-so-sugary gingerbread cookies we made for them.

Despite the fun we had with Mom in the kitchen, we both thought there were bigger adventures to chase.¬†During our teenage years, we wanted to discover what God intended for us and didn’t think we would find it at home, in the kitchen. Molly even spent a long nine and a half months in Europe studying abroad. We hope to share with you some of our past adventures in our videos and on our blog, while building new ones together.

But, we came to realize that in trying to independently find our gifts that God was quietly trying to tell us that our place was in the family kitchen and sharing our love of cooking and baking with others.

When we’re not in the kitchen or working on this site, we’re both attending Central Piedmont Community College. I’m studying business and Molly’s a geek – she’s studying IT and hopes to become a children’s book author – she’s already written her first one. Even though we are twins, we have different personalities that compliment each other.
I’m often the creative force driving our recipes and videos and Molly’s the one making sure it all turns out great.

We both enjoy singing, and from time to time, you might hear us harmonizing on our videos. We had so much fun making the Nutella popsicle video and singing about Nutella.¬†You gotta check it out; it’s our most popular video!

It’s always been Mom’s dream to write a cookbook. And, luckily for us, she’s been collecting recipes since before we were born. We can’t wait to share with you our favorite family recipes along with some of our own new creations. And, Mom will be definitely be making guest appearances on our show from time to time. You’ll also learn more about us, all of the places we’ve been and the interesting people we met along the way.

Be sure to check back often to see what’s cooking at MNM Twins Kitchen!

With Love & God’s Blessings,

Mary, Molly & Mom